Welcome to The Plume's Annual

Late Fall Harvest Mixer Venue Bingo!

How to Play

Think of this game like Khloe's Wondrous Tails. On the next page there will be a game board and a survey box. To enter the raffle, you only need to get ONE line on the game board.

The survey on the right has 16 fields, each with a phrase that is tied to one of 16 locations. When you have figured out which location the phrase is tied to, select it from the drop down menu.

The game board on the left has 16 tiles with the names of RP venues and in-game locations. Click on the square that has the name of the location you filled in on the survey to flip the tile.

When you have a line of 4 locations (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal), you can submit the survey to enter the raffle. There will be no extra entries for filling the whole board, but feel free to do so and learn more about your fellow RP'rs.